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Career Planning

The Fox Business Group, LLC is committed to helping our clients plan their career. We successfully prepare our clients to enter the workforce by teaching them the skills they need to successfully prepare resumes, interview, and work in the field of their choice. We even offer interest inventories to help clients find what career fits their personality. Let the Fox Business Group help you plan your career.

Advertising Agency

A winner of Addy Awards in 2006 and 2007, the Fox Team has over 30 years of advertising experience. We have provided advertising services to a diverse client base. We have experience advertising for businesses of all sizes, and our ad services are available to any business; whether they are located in Florida or not! We have the marketing tools and experience to create a successful advertising campaign for your company.

In addition to helping you create successful advertising campaigns, the Fox Business Group provides ad specialty services. The Fox Team will help you find a new and affordable way to market your business through the use of our large variety of promotional products. We offer everything from pens to signage, and we promise that you won’t be disappointed. Our ad specialty services are another way for you to guarantee that the community won’t forget your business! Consider choosing the Fox Team to handle all of your advertising needs today!

The Fox Business Training Institute

The Fox Business Group developed the Fox Business Training Institute to give business owners and managers a chance to learn the essential skills that it takes to run a successful business. Our classes will teach you how to provide excellent customer service, how to market your business, how to manage your employees, and more! Additionally, our classes also teach critical business administration skills like how to operate Microsoft Office and how to understand financial information. Our instructors are educated and experienced business professionals who are here to help you advance your business acumen.  We offer training in a multitude of convenient and comfortable settings, and online training is coming soon. Our courses are affordable, informative, and helpful to you and your career.  Look on our calendar for our upcoming courses and registration information.  Further your business by investing in yourself. Sign up for one of the Fox Business Training Institute classes today!

Business Consulting

The Fox Business Group offers business consulting services to clients who want to use the guidance and knowledge of experienced professionals to grow their business. Together, we can help you develop and execute a strategic business plan, market and advertise your business, brand your business, and maintain the administrative portion of your business. We even help with websites and social media pages; a growing concern in a changing marketing. Our business consultants have the education and experience to help you and your business succeed in marketing, advertising, and business management. We are sensitive to the needs of all businesses, small and large. We are passionate about watching our clients partner and grow with us. See what we can do to grow you and your business; our famous first consultation is free.